Welcome to Marisan, your partner in sustainable packaging

At Marisan, we know that our planet’s resources are not infinite. Our commitment to sustainability is not an add-on, but a necessity. As your leading specialist in packaging materials, we are fully committed to innovation and environmentally friendly alternatives. Together, we aim to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Innovation through sustainability

Are you always looking for groundbreaking solutions and improvements that can have a significant impact? We can help! We offer alternatives that are less stressful and increase performance. Sustainability is our number one priority.

A circular economy is a must

Sustainability is not a solitary mission. It requires a chain of partners who share the same vision. Marisan therefore aims to fully integrate circular economic principles into all our product lines. We believe in the power of cooperation and therefore work closely with ethical manufacturers. Did you know that our team personally visits each of our manufacturers? This is an essential step for us to assess their working conditions and ensure they meet our high ethical standards.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is our priority. By choosing more sustainable materials, you not only uphold your responsibility to society, but also create a unique opportunity to stand out with a new look and a strong story for your customers.

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