Packaging and labels for government authorities

Marisan provides customisable, durable labels and packaging to suit the look and requirements of any government agency. For public authorities such as social services, which often run their own laundry services, Marisan offers customised bags that ensure hygienic and safe handling of laundry. These bags are not only functional, but can also be labelled or printed to clearly mark ownership and destination.

In addition, we offer labels that are essential in waiting areas, such as those in police stations. These number tickets help organise service and ensure streamlined customer management. We have also already provided several packaging and labelling solutions for various Federal Public Services (FPS).

Attachments in all shapes and sizes

For each branch of government, we offer specific attachments to meet the unique needs of various departments. Whether it is secure document transmission or equipment labelling, our solutions are secure, reliable and customisable.

Explore our industrial solutions

Need solutions for larger, industrial government projects? Marisan has the experience and resources to meet the demand for large-scale packaging and labelling needs. Click here to learn more about our industrial solutions for government agencies.

Need packaging or labels for a government agency?