3 ecological shipping bags to boost your green image

Customers are ordering online more than ever

The e-commerce sector growth is accelerating : online retail sales are increasing year after year and more and more stores are selling their products digitally. The pandemic of store closures and contact restrictions has further fueled this trend. All this with a direct impact on global logistics : the increasing volume of packages to handle.

Recent research shows a trend in fulfillment that has been growing for years, namely customization (Jezy, 2021). It is an effective way to improve the customer’s shopping experience and gives a personal touch to the order, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. There are various ways to personalize packages, such as the type of packaging material, personalized tape, printed tissue paper, stickers with logo and so much more.

Consumers increasingly value options that are as sustainable as possible, such as plastic-free packaging, recycled plastics… This topic probably seems like one of the biggest challenges, but we’re happy to help you get started. For example, there are already many more environmentally friendly shipping packaging options available.

The importance of sustainable packaging materials

Today’s e-commerce customer also attaches more and more importance on the right packaging materials, and rightly so. 78% of European consumers think that packaging materials of products ordered online should be fully recyclable, and 67% report that retailers often use too much packaging material when shipping their orders. (Elbertse, 2021)

For consumers, sustainability is also increasingly higher on their priority list. A consumer survey found that 48% believe sustainability is an important factor in determining whether an online store is “good” or “bad. Consumers believe that retailers should focus on working with sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, pack and ship efficiently, and make sure old products are recycled. (Dekocker, 2021)

Durable shipping bags with logo : what are my options?

The days of plastic packaging only are long gone. But which ecological alternatives for shipping bags can you use? We will help you on your way.

The paper shipping bag owes its popular image to its natural and more luxurious appearance. A study by Newsday in the US (2022) showed that paper was considered by consumers to be the most environmentally friendly material. So there is no reason to doubt that this sturdy kraft paper fits perfectly with the current eco-trend. For custom-made paper shipping bags, you can always choose from white or brown kraft paper. Afraid to send heavier products? Then choose paper in a thicker quality.

Are paper shipping bags not an option for your product or your customer’s product? Then consider shipping bags made from 100% recycled material. These are shipping bags made from plastic that was already in circulation. Therefore, no new raw materials are needed for their production. In addition, the quality is guaranteed. It goes without saying that this requires efficient logistics and a good sorting of materials. A growing number of producers work with recycling certificates and have themselves assisted and controlled by recognized independent bodies. In this way, the end user also knows that what is promised is true. These shipping bags are resistant to moisture and are water-repellent. Win-win!

Not convinced yet? At Marisan there is no shortage of solutions and innovation. We have recently introduced a new variant: the I’m Green mailing bags. I’m Green is a bio-PE or green PE. Contrary to conventional plastic, this polyethylene is made from renewable raw materials (e.g. sugar cane) instead of fossil oil. Each ton of green PE produced captures up to 3.09 tons of CO2 and thus helps to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of the life cycle of the final product, the material can be recycled. And so it comes back to the beginning of the cycle. Talking about circular economy! (Braskem, 2020)

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