Marisan as a connector in HAVEP's sustainable chain

Striving together for high-quality clothing

HAVEP has a rich history. The company started 150 years ago as a cloth manufacturer, but since 2009 its focus has been on the production of workwear and protective clothing. HAVEP is part of VP Textile, a very progressive group that is fully committed to sustainable projects. And sustainability is also priority number one for Kees Middelkoop, buyer at HAVEP. He expertly guides us through our efforts, which also include Marisan packaging.

Sustainability at #1

What do you do in terms of sustainability?

“Sustainability is very high on the priority list. By the end of next year, we want more than 80% of all materials to be sustainable. But actually with HAVEP we strive for sustainability in every aspect. Via ‘collect & recycle’ we transform old clothes into new ones, our new office is entirely built from sustainable wood, we have solar panels and charging stations, our sales staff drive electric, … Everywhere we can tweak, we do it.”

And so also in the packaging of work clothes?

“Absolutely. We have large stocks due to the wide size ranges of workwear. Some sizes rotate daily, others get shipped only once a year. To maintain the quality of the workwear, we need plastic packaging. Not exactly sustainable … So we started looking for packaging made from recycled material.”

A good collaboration with Marissan

That’s how you ended up at Marisan?

“Van Heurck, one of the partners within VP Textile, called on Marisan earlier. They opened up the partnership and it clicked. The LDPE bag we purchase from Marisan consists of 100% recycled materials. In addition, the price-quality ratio is excellent. By choosing a Belgian partner, the products have less impact on the environment and we reduce the so-called true cost.”

So you are satisfied with the cooperation?

“Certainly, contact with the people at Marisan is always very smooth. The LDPE bag with removable adhesive strip is a sustainable solution. In addition, the ventilation holes help preserve the quality of the clothing. The bag is also printed with our slogan ‘You’ll never work alone’ for extra recognition.”

In turn, then, we are pleased to be partners with such a sustainable company!

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