Tailor-made solutions for the retail textile sector

In the retail textile sector, such as clothing or shoe shops, boutiques and textile product distributors, Marisan plays an important role by fulfilling specific packaging and labelling needs. We offer a varied range, tailored to the unique requirements of your sector.

Manual attachments and accessories

For clothing manufacturers and retailers we offer a range of manual labelling guns, textile tagging guns and loops, ideal for attaching price tags and brand information. As a direct importer for industry, logistics and major retailers, we supply every item within every sector with the appropriate attachment, from the finest lingerie to wall-to-wall carpets!

Labelling for every textile product

Whether it’s laundry labels, branded hang tags or adhesive labels for packaging, we have the right solutions for effective labelling.

Packaging solutions for retail

From bags for hanging transport to bags with adhesive strips and branded carrier bags in shops, we make sure your products stand out and are well protected.

Efficiency and presentation in retail

Efficient packaging and attractive presentation are essential in retail. Marisan offers solutions that are not only practical, but also contribute to an attractive shopping experience..

Textile solutions for industry

Are you looking for packaging and labelling solutions for the industrial textile sector? Marisan offers a broad range of advanced solutions specifically designed for large-scale textile production and logistics processes. For more information on our industrial services and products, click here.

Need labels, attachments or packaging for your clothing shop?