Recap>>Which companies are inspiring examples in the field of sustainability the last years?

Our previous blog, we looked at the inspiring example of Nespresso. In doing so, we saw that Nespresso has transformed from a "necessary evil" to a fantastic campaign where sustainability and creativity go hand in hand. Wondering how Nespresso handled this? Read the article again here...

We saw another strong inspirational example from the past few years that we would like to look at, and that is...

Studio Pets

In the retail world, they are a very strong player in the market. They are operational all over the world selling the most magical plush animals that you can imagine. From very realistic plush animals to manufacturing from the highest quality materials, you name it. Welcome to the magical and wonderful world of Studio Pets!

Did you know? Studio pets has been nominated for the New Retail Champion 2021. This award was presented by Vedis Retail platform. With this award they want to stimulate innovation in retail. This should especially encourage young innovative entrepreneurs who want to take their first steps into the retail world and support concepts that respond to new needs.

So what’s so special about Studio Pets?

No doubt, the magic that happens when you walk into a store. You are literally completely immersed in the world of fresh colors, softness, plush animals that spontaneously melt your heart. Good old fahioned cuddly toys that still have a great cuddliness factor.

At Marisan, we are also completely in love … and specifically by the branding they have implemented through everything. A complete brand that has been done into the smallest detail.

The wonderful world of Studio Pets doesn’t just stay in the store. They also manage to get their customers to carry this magic through to the streets.

Haven’t you spotted them yet?

Yep, the crazy animals that look at you with puppys eyes and rule the streets. We’re talking about totebags here, but don’t just say totebags. These totebags are so unique because they completely align with Studio Pets’s branding. Connection instant assured with the audience. They are not only beautiful to look at but in terms of functionality, also simply top notch. Carrier bags that you can also use in everyday life. After all, isn’t that what every organization wants to strive for? Having your brand blended into the lives of your target audience.

Today, the #1 focus is that we create packaging for consumers that can also add value and sustainability. Consumer confidence is boosted when the ecological aspect of your carrier bags is considered. Increased longevity is an important part of this. They have succeeded very well in this at Studio Pets.

We hope that you have been inspired and will also take steps towards a sustainable world. Also interested to let your brand shine with reusable carrier bags? We would love to hear your story!

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