Tailor-made solutions for the industrial food sector

Marisan has years of experience in serving the industrial food sector. We offer specialised packaging and labelling solutions that meet the exacting demands of this sector.

Labels for industrial applications

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of roll and sheet self-adhesive labels, slot labels and shelf labels, which are essential for manufacturers and large-scale retailers within the food industry. Combined with the right label printers and software, we offer solutions that integrate into any production line.

Special packaging needs

For the industrial food sector, we also offer specialised packaging solutions, such as PE bags for bulk packaging and grip seal bags in mono-materials or multi-layers, suitable for both storage and transport of food products.

Nylon pins for the meat industry

A specific application within our product line are nylon pins for the meat processing industry. These pins are dyed in the grain to prevent colour transfer to or from the product. They are stronger than PP products, minimising the risk of breakage in the meat. They are certified for food safety, making them ideal for attaching labels to carcasses or marking specific parts of meat products.

Solutions for supermarkets and food shops

Looking for packaging and labelling solutions for your food retail setting? Marisan offers a broad range of products perfect for the retail environment. Explore our bags, pouches, and shopping bags, including eco-friendly options, designed specifically for food retail. Click here to learn more about our retail food solutions.

Need labels and packaging for food production or distribution?