Advanced solutions for the industrial textile sector

In industry, where the focus is on large-scale production and logistics, Marisan offers specialised packaging, labelling and attachment solutions that meet the strict requirements of this sector.

Automatic attachment systems

Our selection is very broad and ranges from to applications that replace blister packs. For larger textile products such as towels or carpets, we have advanced IndES and SPU automations that significantly increase packaging efficiency and reduce production time per product.

Various labelling options

Our range includes labels for clear product identification, essential for inventory management and tracking through the production chain. We also offer robust shipping labels, designed to remain legible and durable throughout the logistics process.

Specialised packaging solutions

For the packaging needs of the industrial textile sector, which are often large-scale and complex, Marisan offers a range of solutions. This includes customised bags for safe transport of textile products, as well as durable bulk storage options. These packaging solutions are designed to ensure both safety during transport and quality preservation of products, regardless of the size or volume of the shipment.

Packaging, attachments and labels for clothing shops

Looking for customised packaging and labelling solutions for the retail textile sector? At Marisan, we have a variety of products perfectly suited to the needs of textile retailers, from clothing shops to boutiques. Click here to discover our specific solutions for the retail textile sector.

Need attachments, packaging and labels for textile production or distribution?