Eco-friendly and efficient packaging solutions for retail

In the retail sector for kitchen utensils and small tools, Marisan focuses on environmentally responsible packaging. This goes hand in hand with shorter lead times, lower costs and a better product experience for consumers in shops.

Header cards with strong binding wires

Want to replace those big plastic blister packs so your customer no longer needs scissors to cut away the packaging around a new pair of scissors?

Our blister replacement packaging, developed over a 15-year period, can help. The Avery IndES blister pack replacement system uses one or two strong elastic ties to securely attach products to a header card, significantly reducing environmental impact by up to 90% per pack.

Marisan develops applications for small and flexible product assortments as well as for large production batches, where several thousand pieces of a single product need to be packed. The degree of automation varies from project to project and follows your specific needs.

Labelling in the retail sector

Every product, whether packed loose or sold with a header card, needs to be labelled several times. This includes labels for the product itself, the outer packaging, shipping boxes and pallets. Each label serves a specific purpose and our experienced team knows exactly which labels are suitable for which application, from choice of material and adhesive strength to printing methods. Would you like to look at some samples to see which type of label works best for you? We’d be happy to provide them!

Need attachments, packaging or labels for small tools or kitchen utensils?