Grip bags, garment bags or transparent bags with a sealing strip: whatever you need, we have it. Together with our manufacturers, we ensure the reliable, excellent quality for all our plastic products. We do this while respecting the strictest production and environmental standards. Although the use of plastic bags has been declining for several years because they are not considered the most environmentally friendly packaging, they remain indispensable in certain industries, such as the medical sector, and for specific applications.

The most obvious reason to opt for plastic is price. It is, after all, the cheapest type of packaging on the market. But there are other interesting features. Whether you opt for large plastic bags or small resealable bags, plastic bags can already be produced almost carbon neutrally. PCR (post-consumer recyclate) materials are increasingly being used, allowing existing materials to be reused. Plastic packaging often remains number one for certain items due to its flexibility as well.

Zip- & grip seal bags

  • Available in many sizes
  • With or without writing strip
  • Low order quantity

from 1,000 pcs

Bags with adhesive strip

  • Suitable for product presentation
  • Protects documents during transport
  • Resealable or permanent adhesive strip

minimum order quantity depending on size

Garment bags

  • Protects clothing during transport
  • Available on roll
  • Efficient for hanging transport

priced per roll


  • Stand-up pouches or doypacks
  • Ideal for pet food, food and beverages
  • Grip or zip closure

from 1,000 pieces

Tissue paper

  • For gift packaging and protection during transport and storage
  • In various colours
  • Printed or unprinted

from 10,000 sheets

Luxury boxes

  • Printed, spot varnished, embossed, soft touch
  • Fully customised
  • Sustainable options

from 1,000 pieces

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