Versatile packaging and labelling solutions for the retail food sector

Marisan understands the diversity and specific requirements of the retail food sector. Our extensive range of packaging and labelling solutions is specially designed to meet the diverse needs of supermarkets and food retailers.

Labels in all shapes and sizes

Whether self-adhesive or non-adhesive labels are required, we have a wide range of options for every food retail application. These labels are ideal for displaying product information, prices or promotions.

Service packaging

Our range of packaging for food retail includes various bags and pouches, such as sealable PE bags, grip seal bags and zipper bags (both mono-material and multi-layer). These are perfect for safely and attractively presenting food products in shops.

Shopping bags

We can supply every possible shopping bag, from classic plastic bags to sustainable and eco-friendly options such as compostable carrier bags printed with eco-friendly inks or jute bags.

Efficient labelling systems for retail

Besides packaging, we also offer efficient labelling systems for food retailers. Our range includes high-performance label printers with affordable print heads, as well as simple, economical labelling guns for printing lot numbers and dates on packaging.

Industrial food sector

Looking for specialised packaging and labelling solutions for the industrial food sector? At Marisan, we have solutions specifically tailored to the needs of large-scale food production and processing. Discover our wide selection of industrial packaging materials and labels, including our unique nylon pins for the meat processing industry. Click here to learn more about our industrial food solutions.

Need packaging and labels for supermarkets or other food retail?