Zilton men’s trousers stylishly and sustainably packed

Zilton trousers wrinkle-free and durable to shops

Belgian men’s brand Zilton consciously opts for a sustainable supply chain. By transporting the exclusive trousers lying down (instead of on coat racks), the transport volume and corresponding emissions are drastically reduced. The biggest challenge for Marisan? Getting the trousers wrinkle-free to the points of sale.

From supplier to partner

Zilton was already buying sleeves and bags from us, but it is thanks to our sustainable solutions that the cooperation could intensify even further. Indeed, we created sustainable packaging that not only keeps the trousers wrinkle-free during transport, but also offers the typical high-end Zilton experience.

Recycled ldpe bag

Our team used its technical expertise to develop a ldpe bag that fits every pair of trousers perfectly. Moreover, this bag seamlessly blends into the shape of the outer packaging to go crease-free. In addition, the packaging is made from 100% recycled material, a perfect blend with Zilton’s sustainable nature.

High-end finish

The packaging combines its functional features with a stunning eye-catcher. The well-known icon acts as a closing sticker for the packaging. The sticker print in gold foil beautifully complements Zilton’s exclusive house style. In short, we ensured a fine unpacking moment as the start of the classy Zilton experience.

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