De Appelier: sustainable in every facet

Sustainably packaged daily specials for veggie restaurant De Appelier

Welcome to The Appelier! Here you will be spoiled with delicious vegetarian daily specials. The variety of different cold and hot snacks is a real taste bomb. The soup, salads and pastas are also delicious.

You can eat in the cosy interior or chill out in their cosy city oasis on warm late summer days. A must-visit! You imagine yourself in the garden of Eden, in Ghent, enjoying a tasty lunch or homemade cake. Prefer to taste all those goodies at home? You can also take away the full range or have it delivered.

A new look

Last year, De Appelier decided to give their identity an upgrade, including a new logo and fresh colours such as green, mint and orange. Fully in line with the tasteful experience the restaurant offers.

The new look also needed to find its way into the take-away dishes, but that proved not so easy. After all, packing a dish of the day, soup and dessert nicely without falling over is no easy task. Fortunately, loyal customer Marcel recommended Marisan as a partner to tackle this challenge!

The perfect carrier bag

The experience of The Appelier in a carrier bag – yes! Since sustainability plays a major role in the restaurant, this also had to be felt in the packaging. Then there was the ease of use: all dishes had to be arranged neatly, without risk of falling over. The latter was crucial.

We were only too happy to set to work on a sustainable, reusable and functional carrier bag customised for De Appelier:

  • Everything started with the right material. Sturdiness and food contact played an important role.
  • The material also had to be sustainable and fit within the reusable and circular story.
  • The carrier bag had to be woven into a strong story model that increases De Appelier’s recognisability.

Eye-catcher as a result

Today, you regularly spot the beautiful non-woven carrier bag in the Ghent street scene. This typical look and feel came about during fun meetings with the De Appelier team during which we compared samples and decided on the finishing touch. The result is impressive! The carrier bag is unique because of its finish and particularly practical because of the extra block bottom. This allows all pots and saucers to be neatly arranged. The vibrant colour palette and printed logo naturally provide extra recognition.

– Karen Van Houdt, De Appelier

“I particularly had contact with Sofie. She was very committed and enthusiastic to find the perfect solution. With every question, she was there to help and advise me. That was very nice!”

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