The importance of monomaterial: a step forward with Marisan

Simplicity and sustainability go hand in hand

The world of sustainable packaging is always on the move. At Marisan we are always looking for ways to make our beautiful planet a little better. One of the clearest trends? Mono material! Simply put, this means using one type of material for the entire packaging. Why is that so important? Because it makes recycling a lot easier!

Mono material explained

What is so special about mono material? The answer is as simple as it is effective. By using one material type such as paper, we make the recycling process not only more efficient but also more effective. Separation of materials is no longer necessary, which leads to higher recyclability and therefore a smaller ecological footprint.

A practical example: 100% paper bags

At Marisan we firmly believe in the power of sustainability. The latest addition to our range proves this once again. Traditionally, paper bag handles were made of nylon or polypropylene, a type of plastic. This was practical but there was one major disadvantage: it did not make the bag 100% recyclable.

Now we are proud to introduce our all-paper bags with paper strings and loop handles. Whether they are twisted or flat; these loops ensure that the entire bag is made of the same material. The result? A fully recyclable bag that exudes luxury and has a very low ecological footprint.

The benefits at a glance!

  • 100% recyclable: no more hassle with multiple materials. Our paper bags with paper handles can go straight into the paper bin. Or you can of course reuse them several times, which is extra sustainable!
  • Sustainability: one step closer to a circular economy in which we reuse materials instead of wasting them. This gives our mono-material paper bags a nice second life.
  • Aesthetic and practical: the luxurious appearance is retained, while we contribute to the environment

Future-oriented with Marisan

At Marisan we don’t stop at what we already know. We are constantly looking for the latest technologies and trends in packaging. And our all-paper bags are a perfect example of this. Sustainability, innovation and quality are our top priorities. We not only want to deliver a product that looks good and is practical, but also one that is good for our planet.

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