Solutions for the entire distribution chain

The market is increasingly using specialized logistics partners, who take over a number of supporting tasks for their producers, packers and retailers. This also means that these partners, who traditionally stored and transported goods, are increasingly shifting to finishers and packers who deliver goods on-demand, correctly labelled and packaged, to the next link in the distribution chain. Our team supports logistics companies with a whole arsenal of packaging products, mostly available from stock. Your deadline is our deadline!

Labels and tags

Each of your customer’s products should be labelled, sometimes several times. This ranges from branded hang tags to the adhesive labels on boxes or shipping goods. For every labelling task, Marisan has one or more products that can make your life easier. Labels for stocking goods in an outdoor environment? You can come to us for that too.

Protective packaging

Do goods arrive at your hub in bulk, needing to be stored, repacked and shipped to the retailer at the right time? Marisan can deliver the right adhesive-strip bags, COEX shipping bags or container covers exactly when you need them. Thanks to our warehouses, we can also provide bags on demand on a call-off basis, so there are no more bottlenecks impeding your on-time deliveries.

Need labels and packaging for the logistics sector?