Recap>>Which companies are inspiring examples in the field of sustainability the last years?

We have arrived at the beginning of a new year. For us, it was time to look back at the past years. We asked ourselves the question; Which companies are now inspiring examples in the field of sustainability?

We all, when it comes to business, have a tremendous drive towards sustainability but because of this we also lean towards the problems involved. For many of our entrepreneurs, the environmental issue towards sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing our society. In every industry, people expect that sustainable business comes with a higher degree of complexity in making decisions.

But that should not stop us as entrepreneurs from implementing sustainability in our business. Tomorrow's business leaders are the ones who will be shaping the world with value and go for exceptional collaborations on multiple perspectives.

We looked for inspiring examples that we find in the streets, they’re close to us and a great example to inspire you.

2 examples of sustainable business

1.  Nespresso
2.  Studio Pets

2 great examples, they implement sustainability with a different approach. Now, we’ll take a closer look at Nespresso. In a next blog article, we will take a closer look at Studio Pets.


Do we all know and especially with George Clooney and his famous slogan: What else?

Yes, if you do not have figured it out yet , we are talking about the most delicious coffee you can find in different flavors but what have they done about sustainable business now? We put Nespresso under the microscope because in recent years they have dealt with the waste of their capsules. They delivered a campaign in a very original way and communicated it in a way where functionality and sustainability go together.

Where there’s a way, there’s a will….

Nespresso capsules are simply unmissable in our everyday life. Nespresso has become so well-known over time that it fits perfectly into our everyday lives with a delicious cup of coffee. Now, that also implies as a result that we are left with a lot of waste. If you don’t handle this issue properly as a company and you see this as a “necessary evil”. Yes, then you will face brand damage as a company!

…but not at Nespresso, Creativity and sustainability go hand in hand.

Nespresso gives consumers the opportunity to recycle in different ways. Here we elaborate on the consumer story. With a targeted message, consumers could put all their capsules in a recycling bag and bring it to the nearest Nespresso Store.

This recycle bag:

  • Consists of more than 60% recycled material
  • It can recycle about 200 capsules

There’s another way to recycle at Nespresso. Meet the latest recycling tray. Totally sustainable and made of recycled polypropylene. In fact, you can recycle 160 capsules with this.

Throughout this story, it’s nice to see through which lens you can see to create positive value and impact. We hope you’ve been inspired and taking steps towards a circular economy!

Boost your business in 2024 with sustainable impact!


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