Safety and efficiency

The metals and chemicals sector has specific requirements for packaging, labelling and attachment methods, given the often bulky or hazardous nature of the products. Marisan offers specialised solutions that ensure both safety and efficiency.

Warehouse storage and logistics

In the warehouse, it is essential that products are stored safely and conveniently. Marisan supplies packaging that can withstand harsh warehouse and transport conditions. We provide sturdy storage solutions that protect the integrity of metal and chemical products from elements such as moisture and corrosion.

Advanced labelling

Barcoded labels are crucial for streamlined logistics and inventory management. Marisan’s labels are made of durable materials with high adhesive strength, suitable for the sometimes rough surfaces of metal and chemical containers. Our labels offer clear identification and are resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures, contributing to efficient traceability of goods.

Packaging for small tools

For smaller items such as screws, locks or bolts, Marisan offers a range of packaging options. From small, sturdy boxes to resealable bags, we make sure that even the smallest items stay well protected and organised.

Solutions for the paint industry

In the paint industry, accurate labelling is very important, not only for marketing purposes but also to communicate important information about contents and usage. Marisan’s labels can withstand the challenging conditions that paint products can be exposed to, such as humidity and chemical fumes.

Resealable cable ties

For bundling and securing cables together, Marisan supplies resealable cable ties. These are ideal for temporary fixings or applications requiring regular access. The ties are made of durable materials that can withstand the harsh environments of the metal and chemical industries.

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