Advanced packaging and labelling solutions for the medical industry

In the industrial production of medical equipment and supplies, precision and reliability are key. Marisan offers tailor-made solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

  • Labels for lab and medical applications: Our labels are designed to ensure safety and traceability, essential for an industry where any mistake can have major consequences.
  • Safety and labelling: Our labels can be securely attached to products and packaging, contributing to a secure and traceable supply chain.
  • Protecting patients with correct identification: It is crucial to choose the right labels for your industrial applications. We take the time to understand your specific requirements and provide the best solution.

Ready to answer any question

Our approach focuses on working closely with you. We pay attention to your unique requirements and provide you with expert advice on the most suitable packaging and labelling options for your medical industrial sector setting.

  • Fast and accurate delivery: Our own production facilities and efficient supply channels enable us to respond quickly to your industrial needs.
  • Customised labels and packaging: We always have the right supplies.
  • Easy online ordering: Through our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly place and manage your orders.

Looking for customised solutions for the retail medical sector, such as pharmacies and medical suppliers?

Marisan offers a diverse range of packaging and labels specifically tailored to the requirements of medical retail environments. Click here for more information for pharmacies and medical suppliers.

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In the medical sector, ranging from laboratories and hospitals to pharmacies, there is a significant need for specialised labels and packaging. You play a vital role in our community, both locally and internationally. Are you looking for advice and support in finding the most suitable labels and packaging for your unique needs? Take a look at our latest ebook, packed with valuable information to guide you in the right direction when selecting the ideal packaging material.

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