Removable polypropylene labels for Ragolle Rugs

When it all gets a bit more complicated, our hunger grows to look for real working solutions for our customers. This was also the case when Ragolle Rugs came knocking at our door with the demand for very specific labels for their internal identification system. Detachable yet good adhesive; good adhesion without leaving glue marks.

Then you will be triggered to draw on your experience and product knowledge, and to take that extra step.

It was a fine assignment for this family business with an excellent reputation among carpet manufacturers to look for that plastic label that has to be applied several times and removed again, always without leaving any traces of glue despite a constant and sufficient adhesive strength. After several tests, carried out in close cooperation with our raw material manufacturer, we have come up with a product that meets these expectations. Our AFN10 PP labels have passed all tests. Meanwhile, the first batches of labels are in circulation at Ragolle.

If you also have a specific or different question for a label solution, please let us know. There is a real chance that we have just that product in our portfolio of materials that meets your question.

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