Looking for label software that allows you to design, adjust and print labels quickly and easily? You’ll find the two leading package providers with us:

  • Seagull Scientific has provided the market’s leading software package for years. BarTender barcode software is available in 3 versions, made to the specific needs of the customer: Professional, Automation and Enterprise. Each version brings its own functionalities, specifically adapted to the needs of your company. Download the BarTender brochure here.
  • Teklynx is the larger counterpart of our Seagull friends, and also brings three packages to the market, each with specific functionalities: Label Matrix, Label View en Codesoft.

The choice between providers has more to do with taste, style and the customer’s required level of customisation than with large qualitative differences. The key thing is that you can find any solution at Marisan.

Looking for the right labelling software for your business?