Shipping bags for AZ Groeninge

About AZ Groeninge

AZ Groeninge is a dynamic hospital in Kortrijk with 1100 beds, more than 2900 employees and 250 doctors. They provide high-quality, safe, accessible, expert and integrated care to every patient, with respect for everyone’s individuality. It is therefore more than clear that quality care for the patient is their central concern. Kindness, professionalism and a human approach are some of their keywords.

Marisan offers appropriate assistance to AZ Groeninge

At the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, we received an urgent call from AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk whether we could assist them in supplying coex shipping bags. The purpose of these shipping bags? The clothing of patients, who are growing numbers offered for admission, hermetically sealing and storing.

Why this type of bags? COEX is a plastic that is greatly appreciated for its flexible, multifunctional and protective properties. For example, they help protect all kinds of health products and (medical) materials against contamination and damage.

Safety and speed of action are of the utmost importance to medical care providers. In a health crisis even more so than usual. That is why we delivered our permanently sealable coex shipping bags personally and quickly (within a few working days). The added value for AZ Groeninge? They have an efficient and simple solution to their problem, allowing them to focus even more on their core task : providing quality care to patients.

In addition, the shipping bags can be used for multiple medical applications. Using it as a storage bag for clothing such as AZ Groeninge? That’s possible! Using the shipping bag to send samples to a lab? That’s also possible! Feel free to contact us to find out how the shipping bag can be used in your process.

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