Printing labels? The checklist for success!

In the dynamic world of logistics and e-commerce, labels are more than just stickers; they represent the identity of your product. But creating the perfect label is an art in itself. Below you will find the extensive checklist you need to design, print and apply your labels yourself.

Step 1: Select the perfect label

Labels on rolls, labels on sheets, or non-self-adhesive labels? We have it all. Do you want to strengthen your branding? Then choose labels with your logo. Do you want to increase efficiency in the shipping process? Then printed shipping labels are your best friend. Or do you want to share essential information about your product? Informative labels are then indispensable. Our range includes substrates for every application, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. At Marisan we find a solution for every challenge!

Step 2: the right equipment for your labels

The quality of your final product depends on more than just the label. Here’s the equipment to consider:

Label printers

Quality and service are paramount when choosing a label printer. Our Toshiba label printers meet these criteria and are therefore our personal favourite. But you can also contact us for the top brands Zebra and Brother. Whether you need standard, industrial or mobile printers; we are happy to advise you on the perfect match for your application.

Thermal ribbons

A good TTR ribbon is essential for the legibility and durability of your labels. Each type of label or substrate requires the matching thermal transfer ribbon in combination with the printer you work with. We have a solution for you for every application.

Step 3: software that works for you

With both the Seagull Scientific’s Bartender and the various Teklynx packages, we offer top software for designing, customizing and printing your labels. Both brands have their unique benefits and functionalities, tailored to the needs of your company.

Step 4: unwind and rewind to perfection

The rewinder and unwinder are crucial tools in the labeling process. They ensure that your labels are neatly rolled up or unrolled for further processing. This saves time and guaranties an efficient workflow. Our devices are designed to keep up with the speed of the fastest barcode printers, so no job will be too big.

Step 5: Apply with precision

After printing comes the application. This is where our label dispensers come into the picture! Whether you need manual, semi-automatic dispensers or specific solutions for bottles; we have what you are looking for. Our TOWA label dispensers offer mobility and convenience, so you can apply your labels anywhere, anytime.

By following these steps carefully and making the right choices in materials and equipment, you ensure a streamlined and high-quality labeling process. Each element plays a crucial role in the end result. Need extra help? Please contact us for an exploratory conversation, we are happy to help!

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