Welkom bij het nieuwe Marisan: vernieuwd, opgefrist en klaar voor de toekomst!

Through Marisan in the market, through AVA to the consumer

AVA, known for its wide range of catering and retail supplies, has been a loyal partner of Marisan for years. In an interview with Stefan from AVA, we explore the depths of this collaboration, the products offered and the future plans amidst changing market dynamics and legislation.

Welkom bij het nieuwe Marisan: vernieuwd, opgefrist en klaar voor de toekomst!

Stefan, how long have you been a partner of Marisan and how did you originally come into contact with us?

"We have been working with Marisan for many years, certainly more than 25 years. Our partnership started when we were looking for reliable suppliers who could provide us with quality bags and carrier bags. The collaboration started because of Marisan's reputation for excellent service and delivery reliability, something that is crucial for us. Products such as the grip bags have also been and remain particularly important."

Welkom bij het nieuwe Marisan: vernieuwd, opgefrist en klaar voor de toekomst!

Which Marisan labeling solutions can we find on the shelves at AVA?

Here Sven – our general manager – digs into his own memory. The labeling solutions, including Banok staples and guns, cardboard labels on a roll, serial number systems and coding labels, are among the longest-running range of products that AVA has purchased from Marisan. These products have been finding their way to retailers, boutiques and consumers via AVA for more than 20 years. Since AVA only focuses on consistent quality in its products and service, it has also built up a loyal customer base for these very specific products.

Welkom bij het nieuwe Marisan: vernieuwd, opgefrist en klaar voor de toekomst!

Can you tell us what types of Marisan bags and bags you currently offer?

"Certainly, our offer includes various types of bags and bags from Marisan. These range from bags with grip closure and PE bags to non-woven carrier bags made of ultra-light and strong material. We also offer paper bags without closure and shirt carrier bags, as well as online shipping bags This range has grown thanks to our strengthened collaboration with Sven van Marisan. A visit to one of our physical AVA stores provided us with a clear overview and led to concrete actions. Thanks to Marisan's excellent contacts in the industry, these additional products were successfully introduced in our catalogue."

Welkom bij het nieuwe Marisan: vernieuwd, opgefrist en klaar voor de toekomst!

You are increasingly focusing on greening and recycling. Which Marisan products do you support in these initiatives?

"Marisan helps us enormously with their range of reusable banana carrier bags and online shipping bags made from 100% recycled material. These products enable us to comply with applicable legislation and reduce our ecological footprint. The collaboration with Marisan is crucial in this; their knowledge and business contacts, including those with government agencies, are invaluable. Compliance with legislation in Belgium is not always easy due to the complexity and changes in the rules, but thanks to Marisan's expertise and Sven's contacts, we can rely on them. support to stay compliant. This trust is essential, not only for us but also for our customers. They must be able to trust that the products they buy from AVA are fully compliant with the law."

What does the future hold for AVA and Marisan? And what specific challenges do you see for AVA, both in store and online?

“The future certainly brings challenges, especially given the current market situation that is influenced by declining purchasing power and strict legal regulations. Consumers and companies – whether or not out of necessity – are acting more and more consciously and this directly influences their purchasing behaviour. Products that are reusable, like some of our bags, reduce the frequency with which customers make new purchases. For AVA and Marisan it is crucial to work on two main things: firstly, to always be compliant with the ever-changing legislation. to continuously search for new ecological solutions, by developing reusable products or exploring niche solutions that can further reduce our ecological footprint. We remain committed to staying ahead of these challenges while being innovative and responsive in a rapidly changing market .”

These are great initiatives, thanks Stefan!

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