Manual and semi-automatic label dispensers

After your labels have been printed and rewound, you will no doubt want to apply them to your products quickly and easily. That’s why we have 3 types of dispensers in our range:

  • Manual dispensers
  • Semi-automatic dispensers
  • Dispensers for bottles and flasks

If you want to be completely mobile when it comes to labelling items, our TOWA label dispensers are a great solution. We import these as directly from the manufacturer as we do for almost all our products, which means we can offer competitive resale prices to all our customers.

Botlr bottle labelling machine

One dispenser with a particular application is the Botlr. With this simple device you can label up to 1,000 bottles or containers per hour. Always in the same place, always perfectly positioned. And all that in a small, handy device.

Discover the Botlr

Looking for an efficient label dispenser for your business?