A thermal transfer printing ribbon is required for most labels on rolls to be printed. This ribbon is essential for any application where long-term legibility is a must or when printing on special materials such as laminates or plastics. Marisan offers an extensive range of printer-specific thermal transfer printing ribbons, as each type of label printer requires a different ribbon. What works with one printer is not guaranteed with another. For example, there are flathead and near-edge printers, each with their unique technology and requirements. You can read about the difference between flathead and near-edge printers in this blog post.

We offer three primary categories of printing ribbons:

  • WAX

Choosing the right ribbon can be complicated, but Marisan’s team are ready to guide you to the right ribbon for you.

And an extra tip: for wash care textile labels we also have wash-resistant printing ribbons, suitable for both flathead and near-edge printers!

Looking for the right printing ribbon for your business?