You have your labels, a good label printer, a label dispenser and the correct print ribbon. You’re ready to go, right? Not quite... There are still some vital components missing for your label printing success. The good news is that you will also find these handy items at Marisan, your one-stop shop for label printing. So what other equipment will you need?

Having purchased your unwinder, you’ll also need a rewinder. This neatly rewinds the labels coming out of the printer onto a tube so that they can be easily transported to the warehouse or manufacturing location.

Let the printer and rewinder do their job while you do your other tasks. Thanks to its built-in sensor, the rewinder senses the amount of tension required to deliver a perfectly wound roll of labels. Some models have an additional tension arm to further streamline the winding process.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Rewind each ribbon of printed labels into clean and uniform rolls
  • Rewinders make label printing more effective, saving you time
  • Easy installation: attach the labels to the retractor and you are ready to go
  • Speed of up to 125 cm/sec to work with the fastest barcode printers

What if you want to print larger rolls of labels than your printer can handle? Our label unwinders are ready to help you bypass the limited space in your printer and still handle big rolls of labels.

Looking for the right unwinder or rewinder for your printed labels?