Labelprinters : flathead of near-edge

You want to print a label. That sounds simple. And it is, if you take a number of basic rules into account.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  1. What is the purpose of the label (product identification, traceability, transport, …)?
  2. On what do I want to stick the label, on which surface: box, blister, directly on food or textile …?
  3. How long should the text remain visible on the label: 3 days – 3 years?
  4. Where will the label be used: indoors, outdoors, in a humid environment, …?
  5. Are there other environmental factors that can have an impact, eg chemical environment?

All these and more parameters are important to determine whether you want to print a label thermally (without ribbon) or transfer (with ribbon). And if you want to print with ribbon, which print technology is most suitable: flathead or near-edge.

For a first insight into these factors, you can take a look at the attached document. That will put you a long way.

And for all questions that go even deeper, the Marisan team is at your disposal with advice and help!

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