Ava and Marisan launch ecological alternative to plastic carrier bags

Thin non-woven carrier bags: multiple reusable and strong

AVA keeps a finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing market for packaging products, and uses strategic partners such as Marisan to jointly market environmentally conscious alternatives.

For example, the classic plastic carrier bags have been under pressure for a long time. On the one hand, the legislator is imposing increasingly strict restrictions, and on the other hand, the eco-conscious consumer and retailer are looking for better alternatives.

AVA has the solution ready: thin, yet strong and durable non-woven shirt carrier bags.

Put on the market by Marisan and brought to the consumer by AVA, these carrier bags have many advantages for you:

  • Very thin and light
  • easily stowable in eg a handbag
  • strong: such a bag easily carries up to 8kg and more
  • reusable, up to 100x and therefore durable
  • elegant in shape and with a nice print

At the moment 2 sizes of these non-woven bags are available in all AVA stores. Feel free to step into an AVA store and try the bags yourself. You will be amazed!

You can also find both formats at the AVA Shop online! Enter non-woven in the search function and you will arrive at the right page with one click.

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