Bleckmann in the spotlight : Expert in Supply Chain Management for Fashion & Lifestyle brands

Bleckmann is the market leader in Supply Chain Management (SCM) services for fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded in 1862, Bleckmann has evolved from a transportation company to a supplier of complete supply chain solutions with specific expertise in e-fulfilment solutions. With a strong base in Europe, the company has expanded into the US and Asia allowing Bleckmann to serve its customers around the world. Based on the investments and extensive expertise in IT solutions, Bleckmann is able to offer a globally unified platform for its customers. Every day, nearly 4000 team members support Bleckmann clients to keep their promises. With a turnover of more than 350 million euros, Bleckmann has the scale and flexibility to create world-class solutions and thereby unburden its clients.

For some time now, Bleckmann has also been offering the option of drop shipments to their clients. But what exactly do you understand by drop shipments? Bleckmann takes care of packing the ordered products in shipping bags, in order to deliver them directly to the end customer. Speaking of logistical support!

They cover complete product lines for multiple renowned brands at various sites in Belgium and the Netherlands. From these central points, they process the incoming webshop orders and ship goods to the appropriate points of sale. This means that they process the online orders immediately, repack the goods and finally send them to the store or end customer.

Bleckmann has to deal with some very specific requirements from clients regarding the packaging material. Taking those wishes into account is paramount, but at the time of packing, the material must of course be efficiently deployable. The added value of Bleckmann? They manage to make a perfect combination between the expectations of their clients and the feasibility of handling the packaging during the logistics process.

Marisan supports Bleckmann with customized packaging solutions

The cooperation between Marisan and Bleckmann in shipping packaging started with the supply of standard, white coex shipping bags. This evolved into pre-printed coex bags made of specific materials, which are either easily resealable or permanently adhesive, depending on the purpose.

A process that presented some challenges

If you want to fully print a coex shipping bag, you have to take into account the strength of the adhesive strip on the various parts of the packaging. By default, the first strip sticks to a white background, a border that does not contain any printing. When removing the adhesive strip for a return, this means that the second adhesive strip can no longer adhere to an optimal surface, and this is of course something we had to avoid. Our solution? We developed a coex shipping bag that is colored in the grain, i.e. no color is applied on the top of the material. As a result, both adhesive strips maintain optimal adhesive strength at all areas of the bag. This way we’ve created the certainty that the product reaches its destination well sealed, and that it can be returned perfectly later on. This without running the risk that the adhesive strip loses its adhesive strength somewhere along the way and the products gets lost in the logistic chain.

Over a year, we went through this technical process together thus arriving at the perfect solution for our client, in other words a shipping bag that meets all requirements (correct adhesive strip and appropriate attachment) without compromising the look & feel. We work completely custom-made, sallowing Bleckmann to deliver the correct shipping bags for its customers with their own, desired printing.

A personal collaboration results in a high degree of safety and the provision of a high-quality product. This shows our strive to find the ideal tailor-made solution. For each customer we always review the specific request to be able to deliver the most suitable product. Wondering how we can assist you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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