Banok tagging gun

The Banok tagging gun can be used with both standard and fine textile tags. Models 503 S, 503 SL, 503 X and 503 XL are suitable for various textile applications. The 503 S and 503 SL are perfect for standard textile tags, while the 503 X and 503 XL are ideal for fine textile tags. Tagging guns from Banok are lightweight and ergonomically designed. As a result, they offer ease of use and comfort, making them indispensable for textile work.

Avery tagging gun

The Avery tagging gun is lightweight with a comfortable grip. User-friendly controls and rapid operation makes it ideal for attaching various types of price tags to textiles and accessories. A protective cover is included to shield the seam when the gun is not in use.

Arrow tagging gun

The Arrow tagging gun is designed for attaching labels and tags to clothing and textiles. With a 20 mm needle length and 2 mm needle diameter, it offers a versatile solution for different textile materials. The ‘S’ stands for standard, indicating that it is usually used for clothing. For finer fabrics, such as lingerie, the X option is recommended. The L option has a longer needle for piercing thicker fabrics.

Fasbanok tagging gun

The Fasbanok tagging gun is a revolutionary tool: the world’s first tagging gun that works with both loop and string fasteners. This makes it possible to tag products with a loop fastener quickly and efficiently using one hand, significantly speeding up the work. This makes the Fasbanok tagging gun an essential tool for retailers, warehouse managers and logistics professionals looking for a fast and versatile solution for tagging products.


The V-tool is a handy tool for attaching cards or safety closures to an article. This tagging gun is simple to operate and allows you to bundle different items. The V-tool is useful for attaching labels with loop tags and anti-theft tags. It offer a convenient solution for safely labelling products.

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