Marisan introduces innovative Loop Tagger during webinar

Webinar of the Loop Tagger Machine

From kitchenware and tools to toys and textiles: a lot of industrial products need one or more attachments. Such a procedure is labour-intensive for operators and requires both time and budget. At Marisan, we have been working behind the scenes for some time on an innovative method to attach one or more cards to products better, faster and automatically. Recently, it finally arrived!

Loop Tagger launched live

During a webinar, we presented the Loop Tagger live to the general public. In Het Peloton’s professional recording studio, the spotlights were on our CEO Sven De Vis, and on the Loop Tagger of course.

Sven explained this ground-breaking machine and was assisted by Bart Vanrenterghem, Warehouse & Logistics manager at Marisan. He demonstrated the various functionalities and benefits live.

Perseverance wins …

For years, Marisan had been looking for a safe and innovative method to automatically attach cards to products. During that long process, we ran into all kinds of issues, such as problems combining air pressure and fragile, plastic tools.

However, giving up is not in our dictionary and we kept looking for a method that combines ease of use and durability. Perseverance wins … We managed to develop an all-metal constructed loop gun and placed it on a space-saving table machine.

Four Loop Taggers, endless possibilities

We use the ‘hole & needle principle’: the Loop Tagger easily attaches tags to products with a hole in them – like the scissors in the demovideo – or to textiles. Those who followed the webinar immediately noticed how easy and safe the machine is to use. In both automatic and manual mode, tickets are quickly looped to products.

Depending on the type of product and the number of tickets to be attached, we recommend one of the four variants: the Loop Tagger 0, I, II and III each have their own specific strengths. We are happy to advise you on this.

Loop Tagger in a nutshell

  • Time savings: reduced production time
  • Cost-saving: 1,000 loops/hour on average
  • Ease of use: few tools required
  • Compact: space-saving table

Did you miss the webinar with CEO Sven De Vis? Rewatch it here or check out the instructional video showing the Loop Tagger machine in action.

Are you looking for a device to (automatically) tag one or more tickets to your product(s)? We would be happy to introduce you to our user-friendly innovations. Contact us at or 09 232 06 16, or request a no-obligation quote online.

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