Packaging solutions tailored to your medical lab or hospital

The primary role is to provide protection

Medical packaging has several important functions, but its primary role is to protect your medical or pharmaceutical product. Because medical products can have unique specifications and often require sterilization before packaging, medical packaging is designed to both meet the highest medical standards and ergonomically protect the integrity of a product.

Different types of medical packaging

Due to the wide range of medical products, medical packaging ranges from pre-formed packaging to custom packaging for special parts. Variations in size, dimension, stiffness, breathability and sterility ensure that even the most delicate medical components can be shipped in appropriately designed packaging. For the medical world, we focus on 2 product groups: the shipping bags and the (re)sealable bags.

(re)sealable bags

Zip-lock bags, zipper bags or bags with an adhesive strip are ideal for packing samples, laboratory samples or small parts. These bags can be provided with an extra pouch, so that you can easily add accompanying documents. Would you like to know more about the various finishing options for our (re)sealable bags? Then contact us, we are happy to tell you more about it.

Shipping bags

Looking for suitable packaging for sending small packages of medical material, dental prostheses or samples for analysis? Then our shipping bags are your lifesaver. Did you know that we can also provide these with a second closure and perforation? This makes it easy to return samples after analysis.

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