5 tips for choosing the right design for your bag

A suitable design for your carrier bag

That remains quite a challenge for many of us. However, a good design is very important. Your carrier bag not only functions as packaging but also has a promotional function. A well-designed carrier bag attracts the attention of your customers and can stimulate loyalty. Packaging can even influence the mood of your customer, and unfortunately this is not only in the positive sense.

The basic concept is very simple : attract the attention of your customers, for a good reason. Your packaging is a critical factor in the recognition of your brand or store. But how do you get started?

Think about the color choice of your bag

Each color has its own meaning and thereby consciously or unconsciously, evokes feelings. It is therefore important to make a targeted choice when choosing the color for your packaging. The color of your packaging can be related to certain feelings or popularity. Colors can also evoke a negative association. It is therefore important to match the color to the purpose of your carrier bag.

When we see someone walking down the street with a large dark blue carrier bag, we quickly make the link with Ikea. This shows how important it is for a brand or store to stand out in the street scene, because that way you quickly create a high degree of recognition among the public.

And so each carrier bag has a dominant color that can leave a certain impression. How to best choose your dominant color? Very simple, look at your own logo. This way you can perfectly combine the main color of your logo with some contrasting colors.

Go for an appealing slogan or quote

In addition to the right use of color, you can also play with the print. This way you not only stand out in the crowd, but you can also convey a statement. If the quote on the packaging hits just the right emotion, an emotional and sentimental connection will be associated with the product. For example, go for a humorous slogan to put a smile on your customer’s face. Or how about a small puzzle or riddle? This is a simple way to attract attention and customers will remember it longer. Not convinced yet? Then customize your design based on vacation periods and holidays with a seasonal print. Think of a nice red carrier bag with ‘Ho, ho, ho’ print for the Christmas period.

Let your creativity run at full speed

Using a logo or fun quote is common when designing tote bags. Therefore go a step further and think about a much more creative approach. Not only will you stand out among other bags, your bag will also attract the necessary online attention. Just think how much your customers would enjoy sharing a picture of it on social media. Let’s go viral!

Think completely out of the box and let your customers decide

How about launching a contest among your customers? Each customer will have the opportunity to submit a design for a new tote bag. The design with the most votes is then effectively used for the new carrier bags. That way you let customers have a hand in shaping the design and create high involvement.

A good example of this is Threadless, a t-shirt company. At the startup, they allowed users to submit a design. They then voted on the best design. The winning designs were then used to print and sell the t-shirts. By 2006, the company was receiving 150 designs a day and had over 400,000 users voting on the designs.

Choose reusable!

When customers are at the checkout counter, they are often asked “a paper or plastic bag?โ€. No matter what the customer answers, they still choose wrong. A better option would be if the customer could choose a reusable tote bag. Although these are slightly more expensive to purchase, they are much more beneficial versus the one-time plastic or paper bags. Just think about reducing the pollution caused by plastic carrier bags. Not to mention the effect these one-time bags have on the environment. Paper carrier bags, on the other hand, are more easily recyclable. However, a lot of trees have to be sacrificed during production, so that’s still not ideal either.

Opt for reusable and go for a bag that your customers will bring (back) to your store. This way, customers enjoy a nice experience even after their store visit and become ambassadors of your brand. A reusable carrier bag remains in circulation much longer and therefore provides more visibility for your brand or store. And that is what we all want, right?

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