Skylla’s quest for easily detachable labels

Skylla, a unique player in the medical sector

Skylla is a young and dynamic international company with headquarters in Geleen, the Netherlands. Today, they have about 250 employees. Having their own production sites in Tunisia and Macedonia, they manufacture a wide range of medical devices for their customers. Their vision? Creating long-term partnerships in which they can be responsible for the development, production and logistics. And this always tailored to each customer!

But what makes them so unique in their industry? Besides the fact that they take care of the entire production process, they focus on the service they offer to their customers. Every customer is treated like a king, whereby they try to unburden them as much as possible. And that is what you, as a customer, are looking for, isn’t it? In addition, open and smooth communication is a key, both directly with their customers and with the two production sites.

“Can you suggest an appropriate label for us?”

“A client of ours was looking for a label to be applied to the packaging of a brace that we produce for them. That brace is usually delivered to the end user in a hospital or by a doctor. Then the doctor needs to be able to access the necessary information about the item and the reimbursement for administrative processing,” Tobias explains. Tobias is responsible for the product development department within Skylla. This department is responsible for developing new products or for taking over existing products from their customers. “We also supervise the entire process for any change to existing products.”

How Marisan fits into the story

With each challenge, Skylla looks for the right suppliers to assist them. “Since we have a wide range of suppliers for all kinds of raw materials and applications, it is important for us to be able to work with a party that thinks along with us. Offering solutions that meet our customer’s needs is what we strive for”, says Tobias. “In this case, we ended up with Marisan very quickly, and we have a good reason for that. At Skylla, we know that Marisan has the knowledge and know-how to give us the right advice for such situations.”

Marisan’s core values are therefore very similar to those of Skylla. Offering service and smooth communication are among our priorities. Thus, Skylla had a very positive experience with Marisan. “After the first contact, Marisan quickly came back with a proposal, after which we almost immediately switched to the proposed piggy back labels. Good cooperation with smooth and open communication is our goal. And this is also reflected in our collaboration with Marisan”. The switch to the piggy back labels has already been implemented for a while, to the great satisfaction of Skylla’s customer.

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