For many years we tried to find a solution to automate attaching cards to products with loops, but we always ran into practical and development issues. But not anymore! We are proud to present out brand new range of Loop Tagger machines, capable of speeding up your loop tagging production by up to five times compared to manual loop tagging.

Quick and easy loop tagging for all your products

Our brand-new range of Loop Tagger machines will solve all your loop card worries. This easy-to-use, tabletop solution offers a quick and simple solution for getting your cards onto your products.

In the past, the only solution was to install the Fasbanok V-Tool in an automation, which mean dealing with the known issues of combining air pressure and a plastic fragile tool. Now we have solved that problem. With our all-metal looping gun incorporated into a handy, space-saving tabletop machine, you can get on with your packaging job uninterrupted.

Using the ‘hole & needle principle’ the Loop Tagger easily attaches cards to products with a hole in them (such as scissors) or to textiles. In both automatic and manual modes, cards are quickly looped to products.

We have developed solutions for 1, 2 or even 3 cards to be looped to your product. So according to your specific needs you can chose between:

  • Loop Tagger 0
  • Loop Tagger I
  • Loop Tagger II
  • Loop Tagger III

The Loop Tagger in a nutshell

  • Time savings: reduced production time
  • Cost savings: 1,000 loops/hour on average
  • Ease of use: few tools required
  • Compact: space-saving table

Loop Tagger Webinar

During this webinar, we introduced the Loop Tagger live to the general public. In Het Peloton’s professional recording studio, the spotlight was on our CEO Sven De Vis – and on the Loop Tagger, of course. Sven explained this groundbreaking machine together with Bart Vanrenterghem, Warehouse & Logistics manager at Marisan, demonstrating the various functionalities and assets live. Watch the webinar here!

Are you looking for a device to add one or more cards to your products?