Botlr: your label dispenser for bottles and round containers

The state-of-the-art Botlr is an easy-to-use solution for any round bottle or object! Thanks to Botlr's intelligent technology, you can label any bottle or cylindrical object, with no length restrictions. It also supports containers with a wider lid, something no other bottle labelling machine can match.

Botlr: a standalone dispensing machine for bottles and cylindrical products

  • Patented technology: Botlr’s patented technology automatically calculates each bottle’s diameter and can apply two labels exactly 180° opposite each other, or at any desired position.
  • Flexible: Botlr can handle any bottle or container from 13mm to 120mm in diameter, with no length restrictions.
  • Cost savings: Only Botlr can label +8,000 bottles per day. That’s a maximum of 1,400 bottles per hour, depending on the size of the product. With an average of 1000 containers per hour, Botlr can deliver the smooth production you’re looking for.
  • Transparent labels: With Botlr you can apply transparent labels, effortlessly and flawlessly.

Contact us for the complete branding of your product. We think along with you from the design to the finished product. Together we match your carefully designed label with your packaging, boxes and carrier bags, so that your customer enjoys a total experience when they shop with you!

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    Looking for a smooth way to label hundreds of bottles or jars per hour? Whether they are straight or conical, the Dispensa-Matic is ideally suited for this purpose! This bottle labelling machine is easily adaptable for different cylinder shapes. In no time, you can start labelling your products accurately and consistently. And with the capacity to process hundreds of labels per hour, the Bottle-Matic really delivers value for money.

    Want to label bottles or round containers more efficiently
    with our Botlr or Bottle-Matic?