Safe and efficient stapling in textiles

Whether you call them tagging pins, paddle tags, tagging barbs, Kimble tags, tagging attachments, or something else, these small but essential items play a crucial role in the world of labelling and product presentation. Tagging barbs are manually applied using a handy gun to securely attach labels or tags to textiles. These tagging barbs or tagging pins allow product information to be clearly and securely attached to garments and other textile products.

Paddle tags

  • Compatible with our guns
  • Multifunctional uses
  • Different lengths

Eco-friendly tagging attachments

  • rPA tagging attachments
  • rPET attachments

Hook tags for other applications

There is also a special option known as hook tags. These are distinguished from standard paddle tags by a convenient hook at one end. This design allows products to be hung from a bar in an attractive way, making them perfect for displaying goods in shops and at trade shows.

Hook tags

  • Convenient to use
  • For fashion accessories
  • Different formats

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