Woven, non woven and sackcloth bags
The ecological story is unstoppable, and durable solutions force themselves to the forefront.

With our brand new range of durable woven, non woven and sackcloth (jute) bags Etipac provides our retailers an ecological alternative for the common disposable bags. Your consumer is searching more actively for sustainable packagings and the shops that provide these solutions will get chosen over the more traditional ones.

With Marisan we are ahead of this trend, and we provide our retailers the full range of laminated and non laminated woven and non woven PP bags. Carrier bags that have a great reuse value for your customers.
But we can go even one step further and provide you with organical but sustainable sackcloth bags. These bags combine the highest level of ecological awareness and a multiple reusability.

It needs no further explanation that the reusable bag provides you with the elected opportunity to highlight your brand or product! Everyone will gallivant with your branded bag through town from now on. 

The Marisan team will develop together with you a custom made solution for your reusable shopper bag!