Thermal Transfer Ribbons
For the majority of the print jobs you will need to use thermal transfer ribbons. For each application where the date needs to be visible and scanable over al longer period of time, of when you would like to use labels in special fabrics ,like synthetics of plastics, ribbons are your only solution.

For every application needs its specific ribbon, Marisan provides you a complete range of product-specific TT ribbons. 
More so, each printer type or model needs specific ribbons as well. We've got most brands covered with our portfolio, for both flathead as near-edge printers.

Basically ribbons consist of three mayor categories:
  • Wax
  • Was/resin
  • Resin
It goes to show that selecting the correct ribbon for your needs takes quite some knowledge. Your shortest way to the solution, is to get in touch with us, and we will help you in your search to the perfect TT ribbon for your needs !
Toshiba Wax Inkibbons
Toshiba Wax-Resin Inkribbons
Toshiba Resin Inkribbons
Mobile printer ribbons