Money Detectors and Counters
Our Verifying machines are able to recognize all counterfeit banknotes from the genuine ones.They are all small and handy.
The usage of our machines is very intuitive: once inserted the banknote in the machine it will start a wide range of detects: magnetic ink,UV,infrared,banknote dimension and thickness of banknotes to detect the suspicious banknotes.

A special attention goes to our Copernico TX1750, which will check your banknotes in the most elegant non-offending way. The customer will not even realise his notes are checked on counterfeiting.

2 of our machines are even more that counterfeit checkers. They will count up to 1000! banknotes per minute. This will give you both the sertainty that all banknotes are correct AND that the amount counted is as well.
This will take all stress out of your cashiers' hands.