Cardboard Labels
Do you have products you'd like to label with a non-adhesive tag?
Do you want to put your desired variables on the front or backside of these labels?
Our cardboard labels are your solution.

These labels can be provided  in plain cardboard as well as thermal paper. With thermal cardboard, no ribbons are needed to print your data. This speeds up your production process. 

If safety is an issue, then we can addd an extra untearable interlayer. This way you can be sure as retailer that no lables can be torn off easily.

You cardboard labels can naturally be pre-printed, so that you can presnet your logo, photo or standard data on one side of the label, leaving the backside blank for your variables and barcodes which you can print yourself on one of our label printers.
Types of Cardboard Labels
Cardboard Labels
Thermal Cardboard
Untearable CB
Printed Cardboard