Marisan : Your Packaging Specialist
Marisan, since three decades your partner for packaging and attachment solutions.

The company, first founded in 1985 as a textiles and packaging wholesaler, made a reboot in 1991 under the current name of Marisan Ltd., and has since come a long way as a provider for the packaging industry.

Starting as a local player on the Belgian market, through the wider Benelux field, we have evolved to an internationalised partner for industrial and retail companies all over the EU and beyond.  We are proud to be serving companies from Sweden to Portugal, the UK to Eastern Europe.

In 2013 we opened our German office in Bochum, which serves as our main hub for automated packaging solutions across Europe.

At 1 January 2017 Marisan and Etipac merge. Our customer is now being served from one business unit, Marisan.

Chronology of the company:

  • 1985: Founding of Marifré wholesaling textiles and textile packaging.
  • 1991: Split between the packaging and textile activities, with the reboot of the packaging activities under Marisan Ltd.
  • 1993: The company moves to Merelbeke to expand the warehouse activities.
  • 1995: The growth continues and our Ltd. becomes an Inc.
  • 2004 : The founding of our sister company Etipac Ltd., focussing on labelling and high-end packaging solutions.
  • 2008: Marisan moves to the current location tripling our warehouse and production capacities
  • 2013: Founding of the Marisan Deutschland office in Bochum (Germany)
  • 2017: Marisan and Etipac join forces, for which now Marisan Inc. serves the market with our full range of packaging products